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Reviewing my February reads

Ok, so February wasn’t the greatest of months, not from a creative point of view. I kept on top of my Yahoo writing, though let’s be honest, with the amount of stuff going on with my club, the articles practically wrote themselves. I failed though to post a single blog entry here, submit something for…… Continue reading Reviewing my February reads

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Release the excitement, the girls are back!

Tomorrow, Gilmore Girls: A year in the life of… drops on Netflix. From the minute it got announced, I’ve been ridiculously excited to head back to Stars Hollow and to see what has happened to Lorelai and Rory in the years since we last saw them. I also knew it was about time I made…… Continue reading Release the excitement, the girls are back!

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Films that hit closer to home than expected

Cinema is a wonderful form of escapism. My favourite kind, come to think of it. Regardless of genre there’s something magic about losing yourself for a couple of hours, putting aside any cares and worries and just immersing yourself into somebody else’s story and vision for a little while. Particularly stepping into a cinema screen,…… Continue reading Films that hit closer to home than expected