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Reviewing my November reads

I thought that because we’d be without the internet for 2-3 weeks, I’d more than exceed my list for November. As it turns out, I completed it but that was about it. Moving house takes up a lot of time. Reviews below… The Vorhh (Book One) – Brian Catling I don’t often get book recommendations.…… Continue reading Reviewing my November reads

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Reviewing my October reads

October was hectic, but I also had two weeks of annual leave so I actually ended up reading more than planned. Yay! I also got through my Hoop-Tober challenge to watch 31 horror films, sold a house, bought a house and generally spent a lot of money. Books, books, books below: Sleeping Beauties – Stephen…… Continue reading Reviewing my October reads

Book talk · Reviewing my monthly reads

Reviewing my August & September reads

Ok, so August and September have been write off kinda months for me. Between two work projects going live, some family stuff and then buying/selling houses, I had incredibly limited time. So I pretty much read and slept. Subsequently I’m two months behind on reviewing what i’ve been reading so here’s the big catch up!…… Continue reading Reviewing my August & September reads