I’m Helen, a Nutter mostly by surname but partly by nature. I’m 28 and still trying to adapt to being a fully fledged adult. I like words. They don’t always seem to like me. I started this blog as a place I could unleash my passion for films, photography and anything else that gets my creative juices flowing. I’ll mostly be blogging about film, beauty boxes, food, music, travelling and there’ll always be a healthy dose of local things from my work home, Leicester and my adopted home, Coventry. Along with the occasional post from my actual home, Cleethorpes. I probably should knuckle down to just one of these subject matters but where’s the fun in that?

If you need to hunt me down, I’m likely in one of three places and wherever that is, I’ll be filled with caffeine. Find me at the football (Leicester City fan, eternal optimist), curled up reading a book with a cat at my feet or watching a film and probably coveting the soundtrack on vinyl.

Thank you for visiting and for putting up with the rambling.