Don’t drown your dreams, stay true

Lyrics above courtesy of the ever charming Little Comets and their musical genius. A blog should begin with an introduction. I’ve never been great at those, or at making first impressions, so bear with me.

I so nearly titled this, ‘because the world was just screaming out for another blogger’. Then I realised that as per real life, my sarcastic ways should be nullified, at least until we better know each other and how we take our coffees. For the record, mine’s black, no sugar. Or anything that comes out of a Dolce Gusto machine.

I’m not claiming I’ll be lighting any trees on fire anytime soon, or that I can offer a million things other blogs aren’t yet, but it’ll be what makes me tick. So what prompted me to branch out from just rambling on social media instead you asked? I love to write. Look at my bucket list and two of the things on there focus on writing. I want to be published and I want to write and complete at least one novel. The latter seems more unrealistic right now, I have ideas and a few started, but nothing more currently.

In truth, I want an outlet for the things that I love, discussion about those things and to try and inspire myself to be better, be a better writer and maybe even a better human. I’m 26, I don’t have even half of the answers yet. I want to be a writer, I do some on the side but not full time. I own a house, sure, but do I always feel like a fully fledged adult? No! In my own head, I’m still 21. I’m still figuring out who I am, what makes me tick and trying to find a voice.

What can you expect from this blog? Lots of rambling. i didn’t choose that header lightly. You can also expect lots of talk about films, football, music, cycling and trinkets.


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